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[19 Jan 2010|02:07pm]

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[30 May 2006|04:48pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Hi, I'm new to this community, and I HATE Jay Leno. He never striked me as funny, nor the least bit charming. -barf-

Anyways, has any of you ever watched his show while waiting for Conan to come on (ex: letterman is on reruns, etc.) and you actually fell asleep? It's happened to me. A whopping 3 times. I was watching his show (oh god it was so boring) and I decided to take a quick cat nap since the boredom was killing me.

I woke up two hours or so later. I woke up to a Jay Leno rerun. It was a complete nightmare; BUT REAL. I actually started crying. It was sad. :/

Like I said before - Leno sucks. :D Conan rules, woohoo.

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[02 Mar 2006|09:21pm]

I have Sifl and Olly Seasons 1 2 and the unaired season 3 and the top 9 count down videos on dvd. $25+shipping for all of them.
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[03 Dec 2005|12:05am]
Sometimes I think it is important to feel pain in order to appreciate happiness. As a result, during a Letterman commcercial break, I reluctantly changed the channel to Leno, and I have to admit- that is the worst show on television. It was abosultely horrible. Leno was less funny than his guest Tyra Banks, who after opening her mouth, I realize that she is now unattractive.

After a 20 minute cold shower, I am getting my strength back.
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[03 Aug 2005|06:51pm]


hate jay leno? yeah, i know how that goes. well, if you're like me, and i know you are, that means you absolutely love everything else!! & then of course, you'd love _metal_babes!!! it's got it all! the best music ever? got it! alpha-bits soup? it's there! gnomes? all the time! acclaimed jingle writer paul anka? well, no, he left the community, but still! who needs all this lame non-metal-head-communities bullshit? i sure don't. so, i'm joining _metal_babes, why don't you?

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I found this [04 Mar 2005|11:01pm]

Whilst combing my own archives for bits of humor or wisdom...

There is one person that I would love to stab in the eye with a sharpened toothbrush...

Jay Leno.

Then I would take the bloody and eye-goo-i-fied shiv and use it on every Jay Leno fan I can find until the police wrestle me to the ground. However, once they hear what Im doing, Im sure they will release me, and possibly even help with my Holy Mission.

I think we all agree with that sentiment...
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[23 Feb 2005|10:52am]


I know they are a dime a dozen, but I want to ask just in case. Who wants a GMail account?

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[07 Feb 2005|11:31am]

Does anyone know if Conan is going to keep the show in New York, or is he going to California?

I personaly hope he stays in New York.
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[06 Feb 2005|11:40pm]

I've decided I needed to rant about freaking Leno.

He's an ass.

He needs to grow up.

He's scum. Not ONLY is he not funny, he's SCUM. Scum of the earth. I hate how he presses people to talk about their private lives on air, especially their love lives. They don't want to tell you! Shut up! Go home!

He makes fat jokes all the time. Okay, some fat jokes are funny. Because it's true. I'm fat. But I don't like when fat people make fat jokes about other fat people. LIKE LENO.

Uh, hey, Santa? I'd shut up.


Fucking moron.
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HEY [06 Feb 2005|10:05pm]

Hey all! I'm new, and I LOVE CONAN! Being the loser that I am, I wrote this while being encouraged by my brother and other losers who love Conan. I'm hoping that one day it will get to him, and I will be known as "The one who wrote the ode to conan" Or Debb...whichever....AS LONG AS I'M MENTIONED BY CONAN! Yay! He's so sexxy...tehe...aright, well...that's it! Here's my ODE TO CONAN:

An Ode to Conan (O'Brien)
By: Deborah McGhee

Conan, oh Conan,
With hair of red.
If not for your jokes,
We'd all be dead.

Conan, we love you,
More than you know.
I suffer whenever
I don't watch your show.

I stay up and wait,
For a glimpse of your beauty.
I especially like
When you shake your booty.

Oh Conan, dear Conan,
How we all love thee.
For you I would
cut off my own knee.

And wrap it up, in a box,
In a pretty bag.
Give it to you on your show,
Giggle and call you a fag.

Then run away,
Enjoy myself, as security runs after me.
Then fall before I get very far,
Because I gave you my knee.
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I know.. [02 Feb 2005|01:55am]

I know we all hate Jay Leno with a fiery passion that could burn down our beloved forests...

But who is worse to watch?

Jay Leno?


Carson Daley?

I cant stand either of them, but I cant decide who I hate worse... who is less funny, who is more awkward... each for a plethora of differing reasons... maybe you guys can help me decide;)
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[30 Jan 2005|10:03pm]
I'm so glad I found this. I remember when I was the only peron on LJ who listes "hating Jay Leno" as an interest.

Conan is god. <3
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[03 Jan 2005|09:48pm]

hello! I'm new hear and I happen to despise that horrid THING that calls himself a comedian.

I do however, adore Conan O'Brien. I think he's absolutly wonderful. Yes, Im a crazed Conan freak.

Did anyone happen to see the New Years episode that Leno did. Does he really think hes funny? i was hoping that since Motley Crue cursed the television network would take the show off the air. Eh, I can dream.
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[01 Dec 2004|05:08pm]
Jay Leno. The biggest ass kisser ever i mean seriously. I read this a while back about him and sorry i don't have the link to prove it, but the simpsons spoffed it. When Homer was in the back closet listening in on what the producers of ichy and scratchy had to say about poochy. well my older brother and me read an article that when NBC was deciding who to pick to fill Johnny Carson in the Tonight show, Unloyal jay squeaks his fatass in and listens to what they were saying. Thats just sick if you ask me.
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TOP FIVE REASONS JAY LENO IS A TOOL: [10 Nov 2004|06:40pm]

if anyone heard howard stern this morning he made a list of 5 reasons leno is a tool. and they posted this list today on howardstern.com

#1 - Jay plays it safe. He's doing the same boring crap that he used to mock and ridicule others for doing when he was a young comedian.

#2 - The way Leno snuck behind Howard's back when he hired Stuttering John Melendez. Howard said he doesn't care that John works for Leno, and he's happy for him. In fact, John leaving has been great for the show because Sal the Stockbroker and Richard Christy have come aboard and they are really motivated and doing tons of work. But Howard hated the way that Jay, who claims to be his friend, didn't even give Howard a courtesy phone call while all this was going on. And then Howard got on the phone with him and called him every bad name in the book and Jay just said he hoped they could still be friends!!

#3 - Jay rips off 90% of his material from this show!

#4 - Leno has way too many cars. It makes Howard sick! He should donate some of that car money to charity or something. And the worst part is, Jay doesn't even realize what a tool he looks like driving those cars! Howard said Jay really looks like a tool when he rides his motorcycle with real bikers every once in awhile. Howard knows that he has looked like a tool before, like when he made a movie about his wonderful marriage and then got divorced, but at least he admits it!!

#5 - Jay personally apologizes to anyone he offends! If he hears that someone is upset with something he did or said on the show he'll call them up and personally apologize. So that's it, that is what makes him a tool.
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new kid!!! [02 Oct 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | okay ]

Oh my GOD...
Words cannot describe the burning nebula of HATE I have for Jay Leno.
But I LOVE Conan. Seriously, for about two years I had the biggest little girl crush on him. My best friend and I even made a Conan website.

can you say obsession?

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yes finally [27 Sep 2004|04:47pm]

After a 17-year run, Jay Leno has announced that he will turn over "The Tonight Show" to Conan O'Brien in 2009. Leno will officially make the announcement during this evening's "Tonight Show" - a show that also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the late night institution.
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YES YES YES YES YES YES YES [27 Sep 2004|02:03pm]

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not funny [20 Sep 2004|09:49am]


I have been a member of this group for over a year. I just wanted to say something.

Jay Leno is not funny.

That is all. Thank you.

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[11 Sep 2004|10:02pm]

hey everybody, there's a new community, http://www.livejournal.com/community/conancapsdaily/ that's going to have screencaps from EVERY episode of Conan daily, and it's going to be updated everyday. on the weekends, since Conan isn't on, there will be new Conan icons. it's run by ihartpunkboyz

thanks guys!
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