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Hey all! I'm new, and I LOVE CONAN! Being the loser that I am, I wrote this while being encouraged by my brother and other losers who love Conan. I'm hoping that one day it will get to him, and I will be known as "The one who wrote the ode to conan" Or Debb...whichever....AS LONG AS I'M MENTIONED BY CONAN! Yay! He's so sexxy...tehe...aright, well...that's it! Here's my ODE TO CONAN:

An Ode to Conan (O'Brien)
By: Deborah McGhee

Conan, oh Conan,
With hair of red.
If not for your jokes,
We'd all be dead.

Conan, we love you,
More than you know.
I suffer whenever
I don't watch your show.

I stay up and wait,
For a glimpse of your beauty.
I especially like
When you shake your booty.

Oh Conan, dear Conan,
How we all love thee.
For you I would
cut off my own knee.

And wrap it up, in a box,
In a pretty bag.
Give it to you on your show,
Giggle and call you a fag.

Then run away,
Enjoy myself, as security runs after me.
Then fall before I get very far,
Because I gave you my knee.
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